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10 Best Disc Golf Bags in 2021 – Buyer’s Guide

(Last Updated On: January 7, 2021)

Most disc golfers spend quite a time studying what’s going on inside their golf bags instead of the bag itself. But it’s equally necessary to pick the best disc golf bag. The bag not only keeps your discs sorted and readily available, but it also prevents premature damage to your precious discs. For one, at the course you’re going to be a jumbled mess, trying to find the right discs for every toss.

A disc golf bag is a bag that contains golf discs and other accessories or essentials that you need during your disc golf rounds. And if you don’t know about disc golf bags, we’re here to help you understand what they are and how to choose the right one for your game. The best disc golf bags will keep things packed, and it will allow you to be relaxed on the playground while holding all the necessities.

In a Hurry? The test winners after 10 hrs of research

Athletico Power Shot Disc Golf Backpack

Athletico Power Shot Disc Golf Backpack – Best Value

Why is it better?

  • The cooler pocket is awesome. It holds two bottles with ice packs and keeps things cold for a good long time
  • It’s lightweight and comfortable when loaded
  • The main disc compartment holds more discs than advertised
  • The zippers are high-quality

MVP Disc Sports Voyager Backpack Disc Golf Bag

MVP Disc Sports Voyager Backpack Disc Golf Bag – Premium Pick

Why is it better?

  • Easier to pick up and put on
  • The quality of the materials and assembly are great
  • There’s a sleeve in that top pocket that holds two putters
  • Good weight distribution

Best Disc Golf Bags – Overview

If you’re a golf player, it’s a must to store your golf and other equipment because those are too costly to destroy. And you’ll need a decent golf bag that will secure your golf accessories well and keep it well organized so you can quickly reach them. A quality disc golf bag of course always makes a style statement and can offer much-needed trust in the market.

Disc Golf Bags Reviews

1. Athletico Power Shot Disc Golf Backpack – Best Value

Athletico Power Shot Disc Golf Backpack

The Athletico Power Shot Disc Golf Backpack is fitted into the course with exclusive features for ease and comfort when holding all of your golf discs. Crafted of sturdy, water-resistant polyester 600D and oxford fabric, this disc golf bag is designed to last.

XL front compartment holds 20 + discs and provides adjustable divider to keep the discs separated and upright. A big, insulated pocket drink cooler stay cool on the course with a refreshing chilled beverage. Certain notable features include adjustable, padded shoulder straps and a carrying handle on top.

Key Features:

  • Insulated pocket cooler
  • Easy-access organizer
  • Sturdy XL bottle holders
  • Quick grab holder
  • Pen & Scorecard holder


  • Brand: Athletico
  • Dimensions: 18″ H x 14″ W x 9″ D
  • Weight: 2.9 lbs
  • The cooler pocket is awesome. It holds two bottles with ice packs and keeps things cold for a good long time
  • It’s lightweight and comfortable when loaded
  • The main disc compartment holds more discs than advertised
  • The zippers are high-quality
  • Pulling a disc out is easy – putting one back in may require two hands to separate the slot wide enough for your disc

2. MVP Disc Sports Voyager Backpack Disc Golf Bag – Premium Pick

MVP Disc Sports Voyager Backpack Disc Golf Bag

A medium-sized entry to launch the MVP Backpack Bag Collection is the MVP Disc Sports Voyager Backpack Disc Golf Bag. The Voyager sets a high standard of efficiency, comfort, and value with smart design and a heavy-duty construction. The Voyager fits into a typical 20-disc configuration, stores a jacket and loads of accessories, keeps ready competition essentials such as scorecards, minis, and pencils carries several large drinks, protects itself with rugged tip-resistant feet, and covers its protector with a thick supportive back and shoulder strap padding.

The smart interface features allow intuitive use of the Voyager. The main compartment configuration allows all disks easy to reach by expanding and squaring the gap, making it easy to store and pull disks in all 18. The upper compartment has a unique 3-way closure option, with the wide upper storage compartment cover panel and putter pocket completely open, semi-closed, or ready-closed for easy access and useful accessory safety.

Key Features:

  • Average capacity 20 discs
  • Large upper storage compartment with Upper Putter Pocket
  • 2 Large drink holders and side storage pockets
  • Heavy-duty 1000D Cordura lightweight material


  • Brand: MVP Disc Sports
  • Dimensions: 18″ H x 14″ W x 9″ D
  • Weight: 2.9 lbs
  • Easier to pick up and put on
  • The quality of the materials and assembly are great
  • There’s a sleeve in that top pocket that holds two putters
  • Good weight distribution
  • The straps aren’t as wide as the grip, but they have plenty of padding

3. Throwback All Day Pack – Disc Golf Backpack

Throwback All Day Pack - Disc Golf Backpack

The Throwback All Day Pack – Disc Golf Backpack took away all of your favorite disc golf stuff and made them a pack. You get a large built-in cooler that can fit all of your drinks and snacks along with an ice pack or 2 to keep things cold for the whole round. Simply unzip the main compartment and fill your bag with all the refreshments that you need at the course for a day. Like playing the whole day? You would also appreciate the large cooler paired with a 20-ounce bottle holder that sits right on top of the bag to keep you hydrated.

Thick padded straps and back mean the load was never easier or more convenient to wear. All discs are kept outside of the bag, ensuring that there are no zippers, velcro, or anything else to mess with in order to locate the appropriate disk. Best of all, the stretch pockets always feel like the perfect match for you if you hold less than 16 disks. The All-Day Pack’s bottom is covered with water-resistant tarpaulin fabric and large plastic feet which give your bag a solid base. A small pen slot and 3 separate zipper pockets were also included to carry keys, phones, and other accessories.

Key Features:

  • Huge insulated center compartment
  • Comfortable padded straps
  • Quick disc access
  • Top bottle holder
  • 16+ disc capacity


  • Brand: Throwback Sports
  • Weight: 3.3 lbs
  • The durability of the bag is very good
  • Easy to get discs in and out
  • Nice padded straps and padded back
  • 4 hard plastic feet on the bottom to keep the bag up and off the ground
  • Could use a few grommets/loops to hook on bag tags

4. Latitude 64 Core Disc Golf Backpack

Latitude 64 Core Disc Golf Backpack

The Latitude 64 Core Disc Golf Backpack is lightweight, compact, inexpensive and will carry everything you need for your golf disc adventure. This entry-level backpack is capable of carrying up to 18 discs in the main compartment and 2 putters in the upper.

The lean, lightweight profile is perfect for your back and will strengthen your tenacity on the course. There are two parts to the top compartment. The first section includes two putters and the other section can be used for towels, shoes, etc. Two side pockets ideal for a bottle of water or small things such as your wallet, keys, phone, etc.

Key Features:

  • Main disc compartment holds up to 18 discs, depending on molds
  • Top compartment with two sections
  • Two side pockets suitable for a water bottle
  • Mini pocket at the top side
  • Pen holder at the top side


  • Brand: Dynamic Sports
  • Dimensions: 18″ H x 16″ W x 8″ D
  • Weight: 1.7 lbs
  • The larger section up top has a good amount of room
  • The side pockets are large and can easily hold a 40oz bottle with room to spare
  • The mini disc spot is convenient and big enough to hold a mini, phone, pencil, and scorecard for quick access
  • The straps are simple but comfortable
  • The bag does have some trouble staying upright if it’s not full which may be an issue for some

5. Dynamic Discs Trooper Disc Golf Backpack

Dynamic Discs Trooper Disc Golf Backpack

The Dynamic Discs Trooper Disc Golf Backpack offers the perfect space for handling all of your golf disc needs. In its main compartment, it can carry a minimum of 18 disks. It also has an upper pocket, which can accommodate anything from more CDs to clothing items. The Trooper can accommodate all the equipment needed for a complete disc golf round with three additional pockets. One side of the pack features a water bottle holder drawstring-enclosed, and above the pocket of valuables. In addition to another valuables pocket above, on the other side, a wider side pocket is featured.

Packed with a padded set of straps as well as a padded back panel making a very comfortable fit for several rounds and is easy to hold. The Trooper is built with a low center of gravity and is able to keep your discs and other belongings upright. The Trooper features four variations of colors including the option of bright heather blue and black, heather gray and black choice, black on black with contrasting white logos and silver zippers, as well as a choice of arctic camouflage.

Key Features:

  • Hold 18+ discs
  • Three additional pockets
  • Padded set of straps
  • Four color combinations


  • Brand: Dynamic Discs
  • Dimensions: 20″ H x 10″ W x 4″ D
  • Weight: 1.8 lbs
  • Plenty of disc storage
  • It has a large water bottle holder for up to 50 oz
  • 3 smaller compartments for phone, music player, keys, etc.
  • Stands up very well
  • There is no divider to keep the discs upright

6. Athletico Disc Golf Bag

Athletico Disc Golf Bag

The Athletico Disc Golf Bag is made for full storage capacity and holds 10-14 discs, putters, water bottles and more. The pocket insulated water bottle is wide enough to accommodate regular 32 oz or 1-liter bottles of water. A wide side pocket will carry keys, wallets, gloves, towels, sunglasses, scorecards, pencils and more. The elastic front pocket allows quick handling of your most-used CDs. The wide center pocket features a divider that enables you to arrange your discs as appropriate.

This disc golf bag pack is built with a detachable, adjustable, padded shoulder strap and can be easily modified to make it more comfortable for the player. The adjustable strap is designed to provide superior ergonomic support and lumbar protection, ensuring maximum comfort while heavy equipment is carried.

Key Features:

  • Protective feet
  • Large side pocket
  • Large water bottle pocket
  • Easy access disc pocket


  • Brand: Athletico
  • Dimensions: 11.5″ H x 17″ W x 8″ D
  • Weight: 1.4 lbs
  • The stitching seems sturdy, and the material also feels strong and durable
  • The shoulder strap clips onto the bag with swivels, so you don’t need to worry about kinks
  • The shoulder pad also seems strong, and soft
  • The magnet is strong enough to hold the flap open and out of the the way
  • There is only one removable (velcro) separator in the bag, and it is placed in the center of the bag

7. Disc Living Disc Golf Bag

Disc Living Disc Golf Bag

Take your Disc Living Disc Golf Bag as you play on rugged weekend courses. High quality reinforced stitching for safe play. Pleasant fitted sling golf bag with belt loops to hold easily or place the bag securely on your waist belt for a hands-free custom experience. Completely balanced, this bag is made and built with lightweight in mind, lightweight and easy carry experience.

Suits all of your golf disc set (up to 10 discs!) with double player, midrange and putter compartments! To keep your favorite drink, soda or beer hydrated, and the added mesh water bottle holder with a comfortable elastic strap is present! The pocket is perfect for keeping your scorecard as well! Double front button closure catered for any quantity of CDs. Never notice a loose bag when you want to cart less disks or small discs around.

Key Features:

  • Padded shoulder straps
  • Double compartments for drivers, midrange and putters
  • Mesh water bottle holder
  • Double front button closure 


  • Brand: Disc Living
  • Weight: 0.51 lbs
  • It is very minimalistic
  • It seems to have double stich in the important areas
  • It’s good quality canvas
  • Light and comfortable
  • No deep putters

8. Dynamic Discs Cadet Disc Golf Backpack

Dynamic Discs Cadet Disc Golf Backpack

The Dynamic Discs Cadet Disc Golf Backpack features a minimal footprint for full safety. As for the storage features, the Cadet backpack leaves nothing to be desired. The Cadet Backpack is the ultimate lightweight and portable option for your most challenging disc golf needs.

Boasting the ability to accommodate 17+ disks in the main compartment, along with two separate zippered pockets for accessories and valuables. The Cadet backpack also features two comfortable side mesh pockets that accommodate everything from a bottle of water to more discs.

Key Features:

  • Large main disc compartment that holds 17+ discs
  • Compact footprint with adjustable straps for a comfortable carry
  • Two zippered compartments
  • Two mesh side pockets
  • Two “D-ring” attachments


  • Brand: Dynamic Discs
  • Dimensions: 16″ H x 12″ W x 2″ D
  • Weight: 1.1 lbs
  • Comfortable to wear and can hold quite a few items
  • The side pockets hold additional discs that don’t fit inside
  • The clips at the top of the bag are a nice feature
  • The material feels reliable, not cheap whatsoever
  • The more stuff you attempt to carry the harder it is for the bag to stay upright

9. Dynamic Discs Ranger H2O Disc Golf Bag

Dynamic Discs Ranger H2O Disc Golf Bag

The Dynamic Discs Ranger H2O Disc Golf Bag has been in 2 short years the go-to bag for both pros and amateurs alike. The bottom of the bag is now a plastic molded bottom going 4 inches up on both sides of the bag. The rain hood included will cover the top and front of the bag but still allow easy access to the main disc compartment.

The H2O also comes fitted with a water bladder system that can accommodate up to 2 liters. They’ve added a sleeve for the disc that gets used a lot between the main pocket and the top pocket. The putter pocket has, however, been extended ever so slightly so that two disks fit snugly, and easily get in and out. All that could be added to the great Ranger has given us this special addition to the most full lineup of packs.

Key Features:

  • Large main disc compartment that holds 18+ discs
  • “On-deck” putter pocket holds 2-3 putters for quick and easy access
  • Two upper exterior pockets for storing valuables
  • Designated bag tag attachment loop
  • Durable and water resistant ABS molded bottom
  • Rigid construction using 600D Poly ripstop and 210D


  • Brand: Dynamic Discs
  • Weight: 15 lbs
  • The plastic base saves the rest of the bag from ground moisture and dirt
  • Disc storage is quick and clean with little inserts in the main compartment to hold them
  • The flap at the front can be pushed inside behind the discs so you’re not having to open and close it all the time
  • It has velcro to keep it secure when in the open position
  • The bag becomes heavy and bulky very quickly

10. Rogue Iron Disc Golf Bag

Rogue Iron Disc Golf Bag

The Rogue Iron Disc Golf Bag is made to accommodate disc golf players of all ages and skills levels. If you are just starting out, this bag is perfect as it will take a lot of time and practice to start throwing more than a few discs. As a pro, sometimes you don’t feel like hauling all 20 of of your discs with you.

With the Rogue Iron Sling Bag, you can fit 8-10 discs (an array of putters, mid ranges, and drivers) a small or large water bottle and your keys and phone during a round of disc golf. This bag features two closure points which allow you to close the bag nice and tight regardless of how many discs you have in the bag. This also features a water bottle storage pocket with a bungee and double barrel cord lock.

Key Features:

  • Padded and removable shoulder pad
  • Extra side pocket
  • Two closure buttons
  • Water bottle shortage
  • Fits up to 9 discs


  • Brand: Rogue Iron Sports
  • Dimensions: 11.5″ H x 17″ W x 8″ D
  • Weight: 0.5 lbs
  • This bag is perfect for holding several discs
  • The front pouch holds two putters comfortably
  • The water bottle holder will hold an 18 oz hydra flask bottle and the other pocket hold phones and keys
  • Quality is great for the price
  • At first it is a bit difficult to get discs back in but that is because it is made to hold the discs in when it is lying down

Buying Guide


The number one thing you can remember is the amount of room you get in a disc golf bag. The number of discs you can bring inside your bag will be decided. A standard disc golf bag can accommodate at least eight discs if it is a small entry-level bag and if it is a high-level model then the number of disks that also reach twenty. This also depends on the level a player plays at, and the intent behind that.

Water Bottle Pocket

Who doesn’t want to have cold drinks while playing a game? Though these days a lot of golf disc bags come with a side bottle pocket. They have pockets and pouches that allow you to store cans and bottles of various shapes and sizes. Check if the bag has a bottle holder of your desired size before buying a bag, say, will it hold half-liter bottles, or one-liter bottles, for example?


The bag’s quality depends a lot on the material used to create it. The most widely used material of the clothing is nylon, polyester, and leather. For a variety of reasons, nylon is the best type of fabric. It’s durable, sturdy, waterproof, and not easy to wear off. In the cheaper versions, polyester is used while leather is used in top-end ones. Leather bags are very unusual and are more costly. Overall with Nylon you probably won’t ever go wrong.


Bags come with either dedicated slots to hold each disk in place or a single wide compartment where all the disks can be placed together. The disc frequently moves from its place in bags without the dividers when you move, so it can become very messy to pull a specific disk out. In fact, the discs also brush against each other and may very well destroy the disc. The problem is more noticeable when the bag isn’t completely jam-packed with discs, and the compartment has empty spaces. On the other side, the disks stay in place at all times in bags with dividers, so it’s easier to view the discs.


Stability is the ability of the bag to maintain its balance and remain still when setting on the table. Stability is a crucial thing to remember because if your bag loses stability it will start to collapse on the ground and can spill the contents within your bag. This will do considerable damage to your discs during the process.

Frequently Ask Questions

Do I need a disc golf bag?

Yeah, and for a variety of reasons. A golf disc bag lets you keep your discs in place when you need them. Many bags hold the discs right in front of the bag so you can see all the disks that you are holding. It makes them a good investment since most bags are relatively inexpensive. Which disk do you need next, or which disk do you need need to get your shot in between all those trees in front of you? Your bag will be of use here.

What should I place in my disc golf bag?

There are several items you need from water bottles, sunblock, shades, tape measure, snacks, and towels. Depending on where you play, you might also need to carry a three-leg tournament seat, extra set of clothing, and shoes. A few disc golf players also carry things like cards or hacky sack.

What are disc golf bag tags?

Disc golf clubs are sometimes referred to as “bag tags” which identify their specific club and who the members are. Typically you pay the fees when you enter the club, and get a bag tag that indicates your membership. Clubs usually make new bag tags and renew regular club membership. Bag tags also have consecutive numbers, which are used in league competitions for play. You will challenge another low-number player to a “tag round” if you have a bag tag number. If you win them, then you swap tags and you have the lower number before you beat at a league game or bag tag match.

How to clean a disc golf bag?

Some disc golf bags can be hand washed or machine washed. Make sure to check the product description as this will vary from brand to brand. If you do a hand wash, make sure to pick a soft detergent that wouldn’t damage the bag as well as removing the dividers before washing.


We hope this guide was helpful for finding the best disc golf bags as well as our guide on features to look for in a disc golf bag. If you have any questions or concerns regarding this guide, feel free to let us know in the comments section.