Duffel Bag Vs Suitcase

Duffel Bag Vs Suitcase: Best Luggage for Your Next Trip

(Last Updated On: January 27, 2023)

There are different needs of multiple travelers. Various destinations have various obstacles. Every experience is different in as much as we try to have a one-size-fits-all approach, and that will need to be complemented with the right bag and accessories. The kind of baggage you are going to carry is and will always be one major concern. It depends essentially on personal tastes and convenience, so it’s easier to have one kind than another often.

It’s easy to bring a duffel and you can pack more things in it, but it’s just comfortable until it weighs you down for a while. Until you try to drag your bags over cobblestones and making a mess of all the traffic, rolling around a suitcase doesn’t place any pressure on you.

We’re going to discuss a suitcase vs duffel bag today, look at the pro’s and con’s and figure out which is best for various kinds of travelers. It may surprise you that the best choice for several travelers might be a duffel bag. It’s still worth noting before we get into it that you can shop for the type of travel you normally do, a bag can last for one trip, so look beyond your next vacation and find something that fits all your travel needs.

Duffel Bag

Gonex Rolling Duffle Bag

Gonex Rolling Duffle Bag


Easy to Carry – A duffel is ergonomically designed for carrying and has a range of handles and choices for transporting. You can either easily lift and hold it in your hand, or you can place it over your shoulder or distribute the weight around your body.

Open Packing Space – Generally, they have one main packing space that can be massive, which fits individuals traveling with heavy clothes or supplies. Duffel bags are very good for hiking, skiing, surfing trips or trips focused on activities.

Construction – In general, duffel bags are made of a hard-wearing fabric and have 2 wheels, they do reasonably well with being pulled and banged over different surfaces. Suitcases may get scratched and have sections that are much more fragile.

Durability – A well-made duffel, especially if it has a high-quality zipper, is generally very durable. Look for waterproof fabrics that can support the bag’s weight, and heavily stitched handles and straps. However, beware of travel-specific duffels, the most likely pieces to crack are the extra wheels and other accessories.

Our guides to the best duffel bags on the market are listed below:


Security – A lot of duffels are not particularly secure. Look for models that have proper lockable zips when looking for a duffel bag. Placing a padlock between the zipper pull tags is a less effective alternative. External pockets are also a cause for alarm since anyone without your knowledge can quickly sneak contraband inside.

No Wheels or 2 Wheels – Generally, duffel bags don’t come with 4 spinner wheels. That means you have to carry it by yourself at all times or use the 2 wheels. Your arms and shoulders can therefore begin to ache after a long day of transit if you intend to carry them.

Protection – The soft construction of a duffel bag gives little impact resistance, because not only can the gear usually end up more crumpled, if you have any fragile items, they might break on the baggage claim.

Stability – While the durability of the duffel bags has increased, they can fall over a lot if they are not well packed, which can be a pain during travel.


COOLIFE Luggage 3 Piece Set Suitcase

COOLIFE Luggage 3 Piece Set Suitcase


Ease of Use – They are too quick to pack, wheel, drag, push, check in and out, and normally just navigate around regardless of how large and heavy they are, from packing the gear to navigating through protection. Wheeled duffel bags are undoubtedly more difficult to pack, because they are more bulky.

Security – A quality suitcase is the best alternative when it comes to safety. A case of hardshell stops the baggage from being cut apart. When it secures through latches rather than zips, it is much difficult to push open. Generally, decent suitcases have built-in locks, either key or combination, but make sure they are TSA-approved.

Spinner Wheels – When you’re juggling more than one pack, 4 wheels make a lot of difference. It makes handling two big suitcases, two bags on top, and keeping a child attached to you simply for one person. This should be considered if you’re traveling with little kids.

Protection – A hardshell suitcase can hold up to most abuse, but there are some things to watch out for, like something with moving pieces. The more robust the luggage, the more protection it provides for the things inside, so if appropriate, you can carry delicate objects.

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Difficult to Carry – Although we want to believe that we won’t have to lift a finger, even luxurious holidays always come with cobblestones, a gravel drive, or a set of stairs that your luggage would need to be carried over. They can be difficult to easily carry.

Heavier – Generally, duffel bags don’t come with 4 spinner wheels. That means you have to carry it by yourself at all times or use the 2 wheels. Your arms and shoulders can therefore begin to ache after a long day of transit if you intend to carry them.

Wheels can Break – Since 90% of the time, you will be wheeling your suitcase. If you are not careful, the wheels might break and for all we know, this usually happens at the worst time.

Scratches Easily – If you frequently bump into objects, this might be a frustriating experience for you. And your suitcase will not be invisible to bumps at the airline.


It just just comes down to what you want, regardless of the pros and cons of each form of luggage. When making a decision, there are many things to remember, but all things are equal in the end.

There will be more use of duffel bags for casual travelers. They are not likely to pack their luggage to their full potential, so it would not be that much of a hassle to cart a duffel around. These travelers often seem to have a less specified itinerary, but it won’t be that much of a concern to end up in a place with less than smooth roads and bus transport, since you have carrying options.

Suitcases will be the better choice for more structured travelers or refined travelers. There’s no question about the convenience of transporting items around in a suitcase merely because the traveler has very limited weight. If airport is the only place you need to walk though before you leave your luggage at the hotel, you could also carry a suitcase with as many things as you can fit in it.